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a drift, a tempo

a drift, a tempo / electro-acoustic music and live video capture.


our electro-magnet setup in sunlight on a cloudy, winter day. we made a live performance incorporating this work and including some of our glass objects called ballade (below). here is a link to ballade and our other sound recordings on soundcloud.


live performance with handmade glass objects and electro-magnets. the electro-magnet setup appears on its own in ballade, the video and sound piece above, and with our other works on vimeo here.

pilchuck glass school residency documentation

click here for the complete set on Flickr During our residency at Pilchuck Glass School, we expanded on work started at the Museum of Glass and we developed a series of new works involving sound making objects, printmaking and drawing. We gave two performances during our residency, and some of our printmaking was exhibited during November […]

à la vitesse de ton souffle

more details for the work are on the vimeo page. Influenced by our time walking in and around Paris, La Générale and the jardins de Versailles, à la vitesse de ton souffle is an installation in the form of a sequence of compositions and spaces made of sound, light, objects and movement, activated by visitors […]

au concert printemps flottant

au concert printemps flottant was shown at the palais de tokyo as part of concert hall, a large collaborative work included in nouvelle vagues. au concert printemps flottant is a kinetic installation composed of organic and industrial materials, including a live tillandsia medusa, a custom LED grow light, a motor, and commercial gas vapor street […]

images from die Botschaft show on flickr

we just posted images from our show at die Botschaft, take a look! new works: mottetto quine inversi resonance rapport rounded binary video will follow shortly.

die Botschaft 1628, a private gallery

we have a show at a private gallery in baltimore, md, called die Botschaft 1628, owned by marcia hart. the show runs until september 23, features 6 new works and is available by appointment only. none of the work is for sale, there was no opening and no hype. we had several salon style discussions […]

through continuo

composed of electronics and paper, through continuo is a work for the Brooklyn Zen Center’s No-Eyes Viewing Wall, and part of the Silence and Noise exhibit (April 13-September 29, 2012), co-curated by Noah Fischer and Terence Caulkins. through continuo is installed on the walls and ceiling of the gallery. the dimensions of the work on […]


120/108 is a sound and movement work done in collaboration with Terence Caulkins. it was realized as part of the opening performance for Silence and Noise at the Brooklyn Zen Center (April 13, 2012), co-curated by Noah Fischer and Terence Caulkins. Silence and Noise, for which we also have a sculptural work, will run through […]